Paper #50. All-Effects Warfare and Narrative Strategy in Ukraine 2014 & 2022

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Authoritarians wage all-effects warfare that democracies don’t regard as “real war.” The problem is that many so-called peacetime operations are information warfare and narrative strategies designed to shape conditions for “real warfare.” Such as inducing local support of a follow-on invasion force (Ukraine, 2014).  Note: “warfare” refers to methods of war, whereas “war” is a…

Note #24. Close the Strategy Gap with AI-assisted Combined Effects.

  • Thomas A. Drohan, Ph.D., Brig Gen USAF ret.
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The Authoritarian Threat Democracies do not recognize the all-domain, all-effects warfare that authoritarians wage unless there is direct state-sponsored violence. Instead, we wage “when-deterrence-fails” lethal warfare. Authoritarians exploit the blindspot with informatized operations that seize territory, disrupt adversary control, centralize control, keep opponents divided, and set the terms for peace. The strategy is competitive, effective…