The International Center for Security and Leadership selects individuals who collectively represent a variety of experience related to security and leadership. We look for researchers, educators, strategists, and operators interested in posting occasional Notes or Papers offering theoretical and/or practical insights.

We are honored to have as our current Security and Leadership Fellows, Dr. Ron Machoian and Dr. Balazs Martonffy.

Dr. Ron Machoian is an administrator in the international division and a senior lecturer of international studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he teaches a variety of courses in global security. He retired as a U.S. Air Force colonel after 27 years of service that included numerous overseas military campaigns as a command pilot, several operational reconnaissance commands, faculty duty in military and strategic studies, and educational program directorships at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Ron holds an M.A. in history, and a Ph.D. in history and educational leadership & policy studies (University of Missouri-Kansas City). He is the author of William Harding Carter and the American Army (University of Oklahoma Press, 2006) and Looking Skyward: The Emergence of an Airminded Culture in the U.S. Army (Air University Press, 2005). His broad research interests include a focus on the intersection of distinct military traditions, and how cultural contexts and historical experiences influence strategy and policy.

Dr. Balazs Martonffy is the director of the Institute for American Studies –  Ludovika. Previously he was the Deputy Head of the Security Policy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary.  Winner of the 2020 John McCain Dissertation Award, his experience includes National University of Public Service lecturer and Ministry of Defense official in Budapest, and roles at the Hungarian Diplomatic Academy, Central European University, Sie Center for International Security & Diplomacy, U.S. Air Force Academy, Washington University-St. Louis, Woodrow Wilson Center, Syracuse University, NATO HQ, Geneva Center for Security Policy, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Elliott School of International Affairs. Balazs holds a B.A. in history (Washington University-St. Louis), and an M.A. (University of Denver) and Ph.D. in international security (American University). His work on international security, great power politics, and alliance cohesion appears in The Washington Post’s Monkey CageWar on the RocksThe Conversation, International Security Network, and various Hungarian academic outlets.

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