JMark teaches course in Budapest at Hungary’s American Research Institute

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A JMark team recently returned from Budapest, Hungary, where they presented a Senior Leader Information Environment Course (SLIEC) to Hungarian foreign and defense policy officials.

Dr. Rob Ehlers and Tom Drohan (virtually) taught JMark’s first course in Hungary, supported by Judy Nelson. Participants included senior leaders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Defense, the Information Office, the Military National Security Service and the National University of Public Service. The three-day course was hosted by Dr Balazs Martonffy, Director of the American Research Institute at the National University of Public Service and a JMark International Center for Security and Research Fellow. Dr Ehlers also made presentations to graduate students at the university and met with the State Minister of Communications, Zoltan Kovacs. Hungary has been a member of NATO since 1999 and has revised its national security strategy to prepare for the challenges of the digital age.

Hungary’s Ministry of Defense posted an article about the course on their web page. Use your browser’s (Chrome is easiest) translate feature to translate the article, or see screen shots below.
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