Military operations must be prepared to conduct  so-called “great power competition” as well as big and small wars just as complex.
Manipulating information over cyber networks has become a societal weapon of choice. Compared to traditional military, diplomatic and economic instruments of state power, cyber information power
Plan with a winning strategy. Follow through with activities to bring about superior effects. Anticipate what competitors will do. Reimagine
Following our historical context review of ten African states in Part I (Paper #31), this section begins Part II with
Abraham, 4 millennia ago, was not placed favorably into the contested region on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
Security challenges on the African continent are diverse and acute. Threats are more than military, requiring all of the skill
Minds marinated in social media become unarmed targets of weaponized information, hate, and deception. On this 19th commemoration of our
As we watch the media count COVID-19 death rates, it reminds me of the ”body count“ metric during the Vietnam
This sortie is a follow-on to ICSL Paper #28 which showed how critical thinking errors lead to exploitation. Our focus
Disinformation is a global threat. Pervasive digitized technology and social media provide rich opportunities to distort public perceptions at scale.
Synthesis combines separate reactants into a new whole, releasing energy. In our highly interactive information environment, this process ranges from
Authoritarian states are weaponizing supply chains into all-effects warfare while democratic states compete with inferior strategies. We can be more
Competing effectively with the authoritarian regime in Beijing requires a superior blend of cooperation and confrontation. Unfortunately, our diplomatic and
IS 401 “Culture, Strategy, and Security” can be described as an in-depth investigation as to whether culture influences strategic decisions
Culture, and all of its inputs, influences our strategic decision making and security behaviors in unmistakable and unavoidable ways. Our