The Need for Combined Effects in Government and and Business: 9/30/20

This webinar explained, demonstrated and advocated combined effects in complex warfare and suggested how the concept applies to business competition. 

We began with the US Department of Defense concept of Joint All-Domain Command and Control, which is designed to win battles. Then we introduced two broad frameworks designed to create advantages that win wars:

  • The Information Environment Framework, used in JMark Services curricula, helps us think through activities to influence will and capability
  • Combined Effects Strategy, an approach developed by Dr Tom Drohan, shows how different types of activities designed to influence will and capability can create superior combinations of effects

Then we examined applications of various types of combined effects — diplomatic, informational, military, economic and social — from China and Russia.

Finally, the presentation suggested types of combined effects that threaten businesses as well as provide opportunities to compete. The last slide provides a basis for further discussion.