Advanced Learning Intelligence Academy

Course Offerings

STARTUP | baseline-series

Analytic Writing Skills

Workshop. Sharpens writing bottom-line-up-front, executive summary, key judgments and background; emphasizes analysis, context, and audience. 3 days

Starting Analytic Design
Introduces types of modeling, linearity and non-linearity, networks, convergence and divergence, problem abstraction, engineering, and systems dynamics. 1 day

FOUNDATION | 100-series

Fundamentals of Targeting and Weaponeering

Develops essential expertise in how objectives and capabilities drive weaponeering within legal and operational constraints. Includes special problems. 10 days

Introduction to Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations

Introduces fundamentals of ISR and operations, processes for effects-chains, joint intelligence preparation, and platforms for globally integrated ISR. 2 days

Emotional Intelligence
Focuses on professional and leadership development. Develops five core competencies: self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy. Practices interpersonal skills in selected situations. 3 days

Professional Development and Leadership
Introduces concepts and qualities encompassing key components of character and leadership that professions expect of members. Case studies and leadership scenarios. 4 days

Professional Development Coaching Techniques
Provides a variety of fundamental techniques to develop professional qualities in mid- and senior-grade leaders. Case studies and personalized strategies. 2 days

Understanding the Relevant Information Environment
Hones analytic decision-making: what to decompose and analyze; problem definition; hierarchies of effort; depth and breadth in complex contexts and from different perspectives. 3 days

Characterizing and Analyzing the Information Environment
Decomposes complexity into systems, objects and attributes; discerns linkages, patterns, trends, anomalies, cultures, and technologies. 5 days

Disinformation in the Information Environment
Characterizes the information environment. Focuses on disinformation threats, decision cycles, narrative weaponization, and strategies to target audiences and individuals. 2 days

APPLICATION | 200-series

Military Deception Planning Methodologies in the
Information Environment
Applies various purposes and techniques of deception; compares principles and cases, planning processes and strategies to optimize and mitigate deception. 2 days

Operations Security Planning Methodologies in the Information Environment
Critiques applications of operations security in the information environment; practices proactive and adaptive planning against clever threats. 2 days

Strategic Narratives in the Information Environment
How narratives weaponize information to mobilize and radicalize identity; uses of targeted & indiscriminate mis-, mal- and disinformation; human terrain strategies. 3 days

Technology and Data Applications for Information-Related Capabilities and Effects
Critiques applications of information-related capabilities in the information environment; considers emergent roles of machine learning; develops informatized operations for information-related effects. 4 days

How to Red Team and Wargame Information-heavy Complex Problems
Red-teaming techniques and complex wargaming; includes perception matrices, condition-setting, influencing decisions, and wargaming a wargame. 2 days

Assessment Applications in Complex Environments
Adaptively applies measures of performance and measures of effectiveness to clarify and disprove progress; quantitative-qualitative mix; includes purposes and methods of net assessment. 3 days

Decision-Maker Applications in the Information Environment
How to influence operations and synchronize applications of diverse capabilities to deliver decision advantages for the commander. Human factor profiling. 3 days

INTEGRATION | 300-series

Cognitive, Physical and Information Power in the Information Environment

How to integrate decision-making capacities, physical infrastructure, and cyber-electromagnetic-information capabilities to achieve advantage. 3 days

Conditional Effects and Human Factors in the Information Environment
Explores condition-setting in the information environment to achieve advantageous effects with respect to targeted decision makers. 4 days

ISR and Aerospace Power in the Information Environment
Integrates air and space capabilities for information advantage; combat cloud, multi-modal networks, distributed fusion, joint all-domain command and control. 3 days

Theory of Change and Analysis of Relationships
Considers how change happens; develops implications and preconditions for guiding program strategies, planning and operations, and evaluation and assessment. 3 days

Influence Operations and Human Behavior Relationships
Identifies analytic approaches to map attitudes, behaviors, and emotions; practices designing persuasive communications for an end state. 4 days

Joint Operations Planning Considerations for the Information Environment
Contests the information arena: specify objectives; influence will/capability; plan in jointness for information advantage. 3 days

Whole of Government Approaches for the Information Environment
Develops innovative ways to arrange activities among inter-agency, multi-national, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations for unified effects. 2 days

SYNTHESIS | 400-series

ISR Operations for a Tactical Approach
In-scenario synchronized ISR, CONOPS, mission planning, imagery interpretation, target acquisition, and collection management. 20 days

Senior Leader Information Environment -Joint Certified
Engages senior leaders in concepts and approaches to gain strategic initiative and maintain momentum in a dynamic information environment. 2.5 days

Information Environment Advanced Analysis -Joint Certified
Enables intel-ops communities to characterize, forecast, target, wargame, and assess information environment. Continuous practical exercise. 10 days

Executive Leadership Development
Extensive exposure to department-level roles and missions through experience. First-hand appreciation of joint, inter-agency operations. 5 days

Operational Design in the Information Environment
Integrate information advantage into operations: focus on problem to preempt; change behavior via conditions; activities enable changed conditions. 3 days

Methods and Means for Characterizing the Information Environment
Explores a variety of systems and analyses for characterizing the information environment; considers human-directed machine learning. 5 days

Creating Information Environment Effects, Activities, Objectives, and End States
Design and contest hierarchies of effort: create activities for effects and objectives to shape end-state conditions; mitigate and exploit uncertainty. 5 days

Combined Effects in the Information Environment
Creates combinations of psychological-physical, cooperative-confrontational, and preventive-causative effects. All-domain, all-effects competition. 4 days

Critical Elements Information Environment Analysis for Joint Force Commanders
Holistic analysis includes risks, opportunities, uncertainties, costs, nature of effort, enduring changes, advantages and disadvantages and nth order effects. 2 days

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