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Recent Posts

Paper #19. From Jargon to Jointness: Understanding the Information Environment and its Terminology.

Robert S. Ehlers, Jr., Ph.D., Col, USAF ret.
Thomas A. Drohan, Ph.D., Brig Gen, USAF ret.

The Department of Defense (DoD) spends much time and effort trying to make sense of the Information Environment (IE). While the IE appears new, it is not. Rather, it is simply the latest definition for making sense of the ways in which humans (and now, arguably other actors) use information to influence the direction and outcome of competition and conflict.

Paper #11. China’s All-Effects All-Domain Strategy in an All-Encompassing Information Environment.

Thomas A. Drohan, Ph.D., Brig Gen USAF ret.

China is wielding strategies that envelop opponents with an all-effects all-domain approach to national power. These effects are neither precise nor pre-ordained because they occur in an uncertain information environment that encompasses behavior by all sensors—living, or artificial.

Note #12. More than Kinetic Effects: Globally Integrated Operations in the Information Environment.

Thomas A. Drohan, Ph.D., Brig Gen USAF ret.

A recent YouTube video features Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) General David Goldfein explaining multi domain operations (MDO) via vignette. Beyond dominating domains, MDO seeks to present multiple dilemmas to opponents. Integration is essential as platforms mesh in networks of command and control. 

Paper # 4. Re-imagining Situational Awareness in the Strategic Environment.

Ron Machoian, Ph.D., Col USAF ret.

While preparing a conference talk on situational awareness (SA) in the international environment, I was struck by the higher-order outcomes term implies for those who study its application. Even as a career military pilot, where SA is part of the professional vocabulary, the same rich depth was often diluted in common use.