Teaching and Learning – with Blackboard & Map

With Blackboard & Map is a new dimension of the International Center for Security & Leadership site that Dr. Tom Drohan and I hope will grow into a meaningful conversation about the teaching and learning of strategic studies and global security. A sort of sounding board where we can share thoughts about the academic address of strategy, security, and leadership – the curriculum, pedagogy, content, experiences, opportunities, challenges, and resources that teachers and students encounter as they work together through a program of study at any level. It is my hope that this blog will remain conversational in tone and spirit, providing a virtual “coffee shop” where professors, lecturers, and students of all levels and experiences can discuss mutual interests across the broad arena of our field.

Additionally, I hope to begin incorporating student perspectives in this part of the site, perhaps to include short essays written by students on a variety of relevant subjects, offering them an audience with whom they can share thoughts on a broad canvas of topics and events. Suggestions, contributions and comments for this blog area are welcome, and may be sent to me directly: Ron Machoian.

Latest Posts

Teaching & Learning #4. Navigating the Pandemic from a Virtual Classroom in Wisconsin

On March 11th, nearly 70,000 students, faculty and staff at the University of Wisconsin were met with the news that a rapid transition to virtual classroom learning would begin following the scheduled spring break.

June 3, 2020
Teaching & Learning #3. Visual Analytics & Case Method Applied to COVID-19

In an age of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, governments and businesses become more dependent on machine learning. Human learning is a continual requirement.

March 3, 2020
Teaching & Learning #2. Case Method Applied to COVID-19

How we frame threats in the information environment influences what we think we can do to counter them.

February 13, 2020
Teaching & Learning #1. Bringing today’s revolutionary world into the classroom syllabus … without throwing away the syllabus, tossing the keys on the table, and walking away in frustration

For those who study and teach the subject of revolution, human events over the past two decades provide a fascinating addition to the historical record.

January 31, 2020