Advanced Learning Intelligence Academy

ALIA Goal & Scope

ALIA delivers engaging courses with leading edge concepts to prevail in all-domain and all-effects environments. We believe in the power of creative innovation— JMark Services’ motto of Transforming Minds, Shaping the Future.

Faculty Commitment. Our faculty is learning-centered and committed to your understanding. Carefully designed learning outcomes enable you to frame and solve complex problems. Transformative learning involves risk-taking. So, if an outcome is vital but difficult to assess (analyze what’s going viral and evaluate its impact, e.g.), we take that on as learning that matters.

Deep Learning. We blend operational, command, and academic experience to provide you deep learning that’s relevant to your challenges. Professional curricula elsewhere often emphasize what instructors teach; we focus on what students learn. Courses are designed with educational best practices that develop how you make sense of information. Active learning prepares you for the battle of wits in the information arena.

Effective Methods. Each course engages you with the most effective ways to achieve your learning outcomes. Methods include technical applications, Socratic discussions, virtual reality scenarios, human-directed artificial intelligence software, collaborative small groups, practical exercises, crisis simulations, and role-playing.

Critical Thinking. Out-thinking our adversaries requires more than spotting errors and biases. We red-team how competitors think and act, from technical skills to disinformation strategies. Your ability to analyze and innovate through complex problem sets can determine our success against highly adaptive and proactive threats. In the information environment, being out-thought means being out-fought.

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