The International Center for Security and Leadership (ICSL) operates as a center and catalyst for innovative learning, leadership development, and proactive problem-solving on a global stage. 

Founded in 2012 at JMark Services Inc. headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Center began as a meeting place for classes, workshops, seminars, off-sites and faculty development with national and international partners.  Our commitment to client learning has enhanced worldwide communities of defense and security professionals. Our irrepressible spirit of innovation drives continual improvement and proactive outreach. Current ICSL-related projects include virtual reality, strategic thinking and planning, critical thinking, cyber operations design, artificial intelligence and machine learning, a security and leadership blog, combined effects strategy, and a security and leadership fellows program that enhances learning via research, publications, and teaching. 

A Place to Learn

The International Center for Security and Leadership features an advanced learning center with an inspiring view of Pikes Peak.

With staff and facilitator support that’s tailored to your educational and training needs, a culture of learning thrives.

Our inaugural course taught advanced analysis of the information environment to members of the Canadian Forces.

The Center is committed to developing a deep understanding of the contemporary security and information environment through active learning, innovative research, publishing and networking, and advanced analysis.

A Place to Connect

An effective setting to engage people and ideas for solving problems.

Active learning ranges from plenary discussion to small group discovery. Engage in a learning process that enhances personal creativity, collaboration and organizational effectiveness.

Innovative research synergizes professional practices and academic concepts. Such as visualized analytics, operations design, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence applications.

Publishing and networking includes written contributions and presentations in multiple venues. Affiliations connect public and private sector organizations, businesses, think tanks, and professions.

Advanced analysis combines a variety of established techniques and cutting-edge concepts. Structured analytics, sense-making, and wargaming integrate adaptive and proactive processes across all domains.

A Place to Lead

Unique opportunities to acquire a distinctive advantage: Global Perspective, in Context.

At the educational end of a learning spectrum, mentors cultivate broad knowledge for unknown and emerging challenges.

At the training end, instructors apply specific expertise to address known or unique problems.

Experience a powerful blend of education and training, tailored to your security and leadership learning needs.

For leaders to manage uncertainty and shape future outcomes in a complex, competitive world.